Keyword Research for Success

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Keyword Research is the very important part of optimizing. Before you can do on page optimization you need to find the right keyword first. Not all of the keywords that is ranking for your site are useful and will bring lot of targeted traffic. That is why you need to do keyword research by using keywords suggestion tool. Google suggestion tool is the best tool to find related and synonyms of keywords. After getting related keywords, find the traffic of each keywords and the number of search result in search engine then compute for KEI of each keywords. The formula of KEI is [ KEI = (traffic/search result)*traffic ] . It is better to target keywords that has high KEI which is greater than 1. If the KEI is less than 1 it only means that the keywords is very competitive or useless to target.

Keyword Suggestion tools that you can use are:

To be successful in getting the right keyword you should know the niche and the type business of your client. Think as if you're the owner and the visitors of the site. In this was you can come up with bright ideas in picking the right keywords for your site.

My First Post in my SEO Blog

Here's my first post in my SEO and Link Building blog. I would like to share my experience as an SEO specialist and share knowledge or tips that I've learned from different resources and apply it on my own way of optimizing and building links to all the site that I've handled.

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